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“Would you tell idea13 about yourself?”

“Of course, I’m a singer/song writer from Essex, I play guitar and piano and have been gigging a lot recently this year.”

“What sort of gigs have you done, whats your favourite gig? the one that made you want to become a musician?”

“I have two gigs, one that I personally enjoyed, that was at Thameside Theatre and me song ‘I can’t make you love me’ by Bonnie Raitt. It went so well I really connected with his song, I feel like I did it justice I felt this is where I want to be when I was looking out at the crowd just really enjoying singing and connecting with peoples emotions making them feel how when Bonnie Raitt wrote this. I love doing festivals, I really love the vibe. I’ve done two festivals but this year I hope to do more but last year I did Grays Village Beach Festival and the Karis May Darling Foundation Festival. It’s a really lovely atmosphere because everybody is having fun and going there to appreciate the music and to have fun with theirĀ friends. It’s a positive vibe and a really lovely experience.”

“In a few years time do you see yourself at bigger festivals such as V fest, Brownstock, wireless?”

“I hope so, haha.”

“Have you ever thought about just going for it?”

“I would love to perform on one of those big stages, but I think it’s really about getting my stuff out there, gradually building my gigs and getting my self out there. By doing this ill start to get better and then hopefully they will recognise it! That’s my dream, I just love singing especially at places like that where people really appreciate music.”

“Who would you say inspired you, who is your favourite?”

“From a young age, I’ve always liked Ed Sheeran and Passenger because they are very individual and have unique styles, they are so good at what they do that it just comes naturally. However, locally the Thames Delta Group some of the friends that I have made from it have helped me improve to be who I am today. Their support gives me so much inspiration signing to me is all about self-expression it makes me feel so free and happy, it’s a part of me.”

If you could sing with anyone in the world who would it be?

“Oooh that’s a hard question haha, I would have to say Ed Screen he’s an inspiration!”



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  1. Anna-Marie Childs says:

    Thank you so much for interviewing me :) Yes,getting my own music out there and doing more festivals is definitely my goal. Hoping to get out an EP early next year :)

    Thanks again for the interview :)