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Interview With Artist John Gathercole

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What inspired you to become an artist?

The chance to live in alcoholic poverty surrounded by pretentious arty prats. Hehe.
I really dont know. Its something thats always been there.
I was fortunate to become part of the YBAs, (Young British Artists) movement in its dying days, this inspired me to take it further and pursue it full time.


Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?
Yeah, apart from being a stunt man when I was a kid and a mega rock star but had zero talent, so this seemed my best option. Its something I belong to and something that beholds me.


Your favourite piece of artwork?
Can’t pick a single piece. I have a massive re-appreciation of Picasso lately, but works from Modigliani, Jenny Saville and the Chapman Brothers equally apply.


Can you tell us more about this piece – its amazing.


Its part of the ‘She’s InFashion’ series based on the glossy overdeveloped photos from fashion mags. The title of the collection and the piece come from the Suede song of the same name. Its an exploration into desired aspects of beauty and the lengths individuals goto to achieve it. A kind of Frankenstein plastic surgery clinic. The painting questions traditional concepts of beauty and how an individual perceives their own values of attraction and the masks they apply – mentally, surgically and cosmetically – after being confronted by these idealistic images of perfection in magazine adverts.


What have you enjoyed working on the most?
I had a shop/gallery in Brick Lane, creating random fun art pieces for that was great and on-going. It also led to me exhibiting in Tate Modern which was fun.


Where can customers buy your art?
They can contact me for sales via my Facebook page, John Gathercole.webs.com or email [email protected]


Any up coming projects for 2017?
Yes, very exciting things locally for 2017. Thameside Theatre have asked me to run a monthly alternative arts event showcasing nights of visual arts, performance and music, featuring classes, talks, theatre, live music and anything else the local art scene wants to see or get involved in.