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Thurrock International Film Festival

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When it all started

The festival was founded in 2012 by Natalie and Benjamin Scarsbrook. Their aim was to create a festival that would not only entertain but also educate, as well as giving filmmakers a place to showcase their work. As professional filmmakers themselves they set about creating a festival they themselves would want to attend, hence every event is tailored to make sure the audience, be it for a workshop or film screening, is made to feel welcome and enjoys the experience.

Short Film Competition

The short film competition is open to anyone of any age, from any country. So long as the film is under 15 minutes and adheres to the submission guidelines anyone can enter! Every film entered is viewed by the organisers to whittle them down to the official screening selection, from there a select few are nominated and sent off to the celebrity judges for… well, judging. The winning filmmakers are rewarded at an award ceremony at the climax of the festival.

The Festival

Throughout the week of the festival there are many public events and workshops to attend. Alongside the short film screenings are several classic feature films, films previously shown include Singin\’ In The Rain, Grease, Mary Poppins, Psycho, The Sound of Music and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


The workshops are open to school and college students from the borough and are designed to give insight into a specific area of film (e.g. Censorship), there have been workshops on scriptwriting, editing and a one day crash-course in practical filmmaking. (If your school is interested in participating in the festival please contact the organisers.)

So whether you\’ve never been to a film festival before or have been to thousands there is something here for everyone, and if you have a suggestion for a future festival event the organisers would love to hear from you.2015 Official Screening Selection

Butterfly Hunter – dir. Min-Yu Chen
Za Edgara – dir. Ewa Luczkow
Tokyo Cosmo – dir. Takahiro Miyauchi
Fox Tale – dir. Doosun Shin
Xiao Tao – dir. Manning Liu
Ocule – dir. Kristin Ruff-Frederickson
Cuerdas – dir. Pedro Solís García
Haiku 7: Pulse – dir. Lyle Pisio
Dead Man\’s Trade – dir. Merlyn Lear

Walter and Goose – dir. Callum Scott-Dyson
Sea Side – dir. Sebastian Cox
Delicacy – dir. Helen Curran
Will – dir. L\’Emir Mohamad Chehab
A Reflected Future – dir. Sam Goodfellow
Synthetica – dir. Alex Falconer
Derek vs Derek – dir. Sebastian Barner-Rasmussen
Nuisance – dir. Fahdi Kanavati
Don\’t Touch Me – dir. Edward Smith
Parallel House – dir. Lexx Oliver
The Landlady Must Die – dir. Ernesto Anaya Adalid
Run Far, Stay Close – dir. Mel Lou
Sebastian and Them – dir. Benjamin Bee

Stockholm – dir. Aaron Weight
Meatchute – dir. Tom Shennan
Cinnamon – dir. Shahid Kamal
Corinthian – dir. Mark A. C. Brown and Frederic Fournier
Bus Stop – dir. Jamie Sims
Mirror #1 – dir. Kirk Lake
Bastion – dir. Ray Jacobs
Benchmarks – dir. Bradley Yellop
Eva\’s Legacy – dir. Simon J Frith
Cowboy Ben – dir. Jon Shaikh
Love The One You\’re With – dir. Paul Martin
Capture – dir. Liam Treacy
Maybe – dir. John Grey

Tickle The Ivories – dir. Glenn Hanstock
Shir Madness – dir. Emily Murray, Aisling Ni Chulain, Marie Lecoq & Thereses Molloy
Handmade Paper Font – dir. Ebru Özbakır
Dear Riley – dir. Charley Flecther
The Parade – dir. Bruce H. Gill
Maputo Meets Prague – dir. Matias Revez
Believe – dir. Cara Hagan
Barbican – dir. Joe Gilbert

Music Video
Ten Dollar Cocktails – dir. Bruno Derekson
Hang With The Happiness – dir. James Kavanagh
Standstill – dir. James Kavanagh
Total Animal III – dir. Tristan Guerlotté
Slammer – dir. Benjamin Cowie and Alan Cameron
Illuminate – dir. Christopher Henry Axworthy
Golden Leaves – dir. Livia Alcalde
Floating – dir. Xaime Miranda Méndez
The Boudoir – dir. David Latreille
Gardens Road – dir. Olga Osorio
We All Go The Same – dir. Morgana McKenzie
The Void – dir. Stephen Patrick Allen

Under 18
The Haunted Orphanage – dir. Teri Levett
Keep It Clean – dir. Evan Sennett
The Blowout – dir. Corey Hodkin
Visco Fuse – dir. Max Tobin
Going Under – dir. Antonis Kassiotis
The Cloud – dir. Eren Kaplan
Don\’t Look Back – dir. Simran Shokar
True Colours – dir. Eren Kaplan

Acabo de tener un sueño – dir. Javier Navarro Montero
Full Tilt – dir. Magill Foote
Dusk – dir. Sarah Jayne
Despierta mi bien, despierta – dir. Daniel Millán
En Kvinde Køber Ind – dir. Sune Kofod Maglegaard
Geschützter Raum – dir Zora Rux
Barty Carty – dir. John McGovern
Evil Mexican Child – dir. Michael Noonan
Fairy Knowledge – dir. Chris Wyatt
The Face Of A Soul – dir. Denise Dacquì
Two By Two – dir. Ruby Drake
Hybris – dir. Arjan Brentjes
The Follower – dir. Christian Wenger
Flightophobia – dir. Alon Newman

Help spread the word!

Thurrock International Film Festival

Sat 10 October 2015


Ends: Sun 11 October 10:00PM

Thameside Theatre adn various venues across Thurrock

RM17 5DX

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