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Volunteer opportunity in Grays – Dementia friendly cinema club ‘usher assistant’

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We would like to offer the fantastic opportunity to be part of a new initiative, and assist at the first screening for a dementia friendly cinema club at Thameside Theatre, ‘A Beautiful Mind Cinema Club’. We want to provide an opportunity to people who care for loved ones who have recently been diagnosed with dementia but want to continue being involved with leisure activities such as going to the cinema together, but might have been anxious about doing this.

Volunteers will have opportunity to meet and greet the audience, Volunteers will not be asked to provide physical personal care assistance, but may be asked to signpost people to the theatre’s facilities. There will be interval refreshments and entertainment and volunteers could help the audience to be served refreshments and clear away cups etc afterwards. There will be members of adult social care and the Alzheimer’s Society present as well as the Thameside Theatre team so it will be a great opportunity to increase experience and knowledge of these types of service. Volunteers can also signpost members of the audience to the relevant advice and information provided by adult social care and the Alzheimer’s Society staff if they believe it would benefit them.

Though this is initially billed as a one off opportunity, if the event is successful it will become a regular event, so we will be considering the option of volunteers having a regular opportunity. It will have local publicity and Madam Mayor and the Deputy Mayor will be attending the event, so it is a great opportunity to be part of something that could become big!


None, but experience of working with older people who live with early stages of dementia would be beneficial but not essential.


For more information and to apply go to: http://www.volunteeressex.org/opportunities/dementia-friendly-cinema-club-usher-assistant-7500