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Interview With Jordan Gray – Platinum

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Idea13 had the pleasure of interviewing our Thurrock’s very own Jordan Gray, from her new record-breaking single Platinum which she’s launching at Chinnerys on 24 November.






We love your new single Platinum here at idea13! What inspired you to write such an amazing piece?

Bless you, thank you guys! Platinum is about transcending convention and constructive surroundings. It’s about becoming the best possible version of yourself. I wanted to do something commercial with an emotional core.


Would you say your own music influences you?

That is the first time anyone has asked me that and it’s an interesting question. I used to try to make each successive track different from the last (so: yes and no) but now we’re building an album it is important to sync the ‘sonicality’ and the message of each track together. So NOW, yes.


The song seems very powerful, is there a message you were trying to get across?

I want people to come out of themselves and achieve great things without fear or repercussion. There is nothing to fear beyond your own outer limits.


You’re looking fantastic in that video, btw do you style yourself?

Thank you. I styled myself for 1-of-3 shoots. But Nicola Schuller (@schullerinc) and Jo Jenkins (@jojenkinsmakeup) are both sorceresses that do incredible work on me. And I just love being around them both. We also received sponsorship from Without Prejudice and Dolly & Dotty.


What are you working on right now? Another song we hope!

Single #2 is happening, yes! And in my humble opinion, it’s a step above Platinum ;)


Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering support?

My co-stars Mickey Taylor, Isabella Bliss, Billie Gold and the good people of TipToe Stage School. My label, my friends, family and fans and of course my patient and supportive partner Heli. This project belongs to all of them.


When can we buy the single?

It’s available to pre-order now on iTunes and Google Play (more to come). The track goes live Nov 25th!


Will there be an album we can all look forward to?

Yes, having signed to The Record Label, we’re building a debut album and I couldn’t be happier about that.


And also a massive congratulations on Platinum, we heard it broke records? How do you feel about that?

The official music video features the first cis-male trans-female romance scene in a mainstream video. For that we are very proud. If we hit the UK Top 40, I will be the first openly Trans artist to do so! So if you like it, you changed history for 99p.


Do you have any advice for the upcoming artists of Thurrock or any for those who just need that bit of confidence to help them achieve success like yourself?

My advice to every artist that asks is to be sincere, be real. Don’t pre-plan your legacy with bullet points. Do what you do, do what feels good and right and let your ‘story’ happen. People love a story. Give them something honest.