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Tell idea13 about yourself.
“My name is Tim Harrold. I was born in London in the 1960s. The first artist I became aware of was Van Gogh in a kids’ weekly magazine called “Tell Me Why”.

In the 1970s I curated a show at school called “Artists Among Humans”.
In the 1980s I did Expressive Arts at Brighton Poly. I was in an absurdist performance art troupe called Theatre of the Bleeding Obelisk and later got involved in the Christian faith.

In the 1990s I taught art and did youth work.
In the 2000s I did more youth work and worked on contemplative installations, meditative environments and interactive prayer spaces.
In the 2010s I’ve begun showing again. I’ve also delivered “Artology” workshops.”


What sort of art do you specialise in?
“Assemblage. Mostly boxes, but not exclusively. Found objects and ready-mades re-imagined in miniature worlds. Visual parables. Icall my art “Perceptualism”.
Photomontage and collage. Fake album covers on the computer. Traditional cut and stuck found magazine images with words.

Photography. A mixture of DSLR and iPhone Hipstamatic images, and printed cards.
Illustration. Graphic pen and ink.
Found poetry. The responsible selection of words and phrases from pre-existent printed materials.
“Poemics”. A poetic-lyrical mash-up.
Trying to write a novel novel.”


What inspirited you to become an artist?
“I have been ‘inspirited’ since conception. Which is why I like a bit of conceptualism. I’m a great believer in being created to create. I’ve always loved miniature worlds, maybe because of toy cars; those snow storm water things you shake, and my sister’s dolls’ house.
I’ve found myself inspired by…
Artists: Joseph Beuys, Joseph Cornell, Giorgio de Chirico, Marcel Duchamp, Rene Magritte, Tom Phillips and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Poets & Authors: St Bono of Dublin, David Bowie, i.e. Cummings, TS Eliot, CS Lewis, Charles Wesley and Robert Zimmerman.
Books: “Brave New World” (Aldous Huxley), “The Forgotten Door” (Alexander Key), The “Gormenghast” Trilogy (Mervyn Peake), The Gospel According to St John the Apostle (and his letters), “Metamorphosis” (Franz Kafka), “Nineteen Eighty-four” (George Orwell), and “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” (James Joyce).

Films & Directors: “Bladerunner” (Ridley Scott), “If…” (Anderson), “Fitzcoraldo” (Herzog), “Lady In The Water” (M Night Shyamalan), “The Man Who Fell To Earth” (Roeg), “Moon” (Duncan Jones), “Stalker” (Tarkovsky), and “What A Wonderful Life” (Frank Capra).
There are loads more of each category.”


Can you tell us about some of your favourite projects?
“Way back, co-writing and performing shows with the Theatre of the Bleeding Obelisk for the Zap Club in Brighton and Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

Being commissioned at various times to create contemplative installations, meditative environments and interactive prayer spaces or labyrinths in church buildings (ancient and modern), gathering tents and other enclosures, usingthemes such as “The Wave Room”, “The Seven Wells”, “The Seven Trees”, “The Four Elements”, “The Jesus Room”, “The Stations of the Cross”, “The Unity Room”, “Transformation Thurrock”, “Pilgrimage”, “Journey”, “The Thin Place” and “The ‘I AMs’ of Christ”.

In 2014 was commissioned by ENAS for their “Traces” exhibition to produce a collaborative work. With former High House Artists’ Studio’s and very old chum John Espin we spent that summer building a multimedia assemblage 70cm high with a square base of 45cm x 45cm. It has four sections with different scenes and is called “The Doors of Perception”. It was most recently shown at “A Few Good Artists” in that 2016.”


What’s the biggest project you’ve done so far?
“I have created an album of 70 found poems set to music recorded by friends of mine(each is less than a minute long). It’s called “Endeavour”. After a long process of creation, it was premiered in the “A Few Good Artists” show at this year’s Thurrock Art Trail. I’m now getting multiple copies made. Then I want to publish a book of the contents and maybe make 70 ambient films to go with the poetry with the help of my filmmaking son Jonny T Harrold.”


Are there any upcoming events this year?
“The oneremaining show I’m exhibiting at in 2016 is the Commissioned 4 Mission group show at St Stephen’s Walbrook (in the City of London). Called “Reflections”, it’s on 6-16 September (10am-4pm).”