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Whats it like knowing people can buy your music? you’re on iTunes that’s a big deal in the music world right?

Yeah it’s pretty mad. The best thing about iTunes, and the internet in general, is knowing your stuff is readily available for basically anyone. Someone half way around the world could stumble across my music and it’s right there for them. That’s mental when you think about it and it’s something that obviously never used to be possible. The thing with the internet is its such a vast platform, there’s so much on it, you’ve gotta stand out more now than ever. There’s a fan base out there for everyone now but they’ve gotta find you whereas from what I can make out, in the old days, you had to find them.

I dunno whether being on iTunes is a big deal really, its kind of a necessity now. Anyone who’s anyone is on iTunes man and it’s a really handy tool but like, it’s not everything. A bad song is still bad whether it’s on iTunes or not haha. You won’t find me complimenting Apple as a company too much to be honest, let’s not forget about the planned obsolescence, child labour and tax avoidance.



What inspired you to get in to music? tell us about the drive and motivation it took to be where you are or was it a happy accident finding your talent haha.

Well it just grew really. I don’t feel I’ve put that much effort into it, All I’ve done is learnt guitar, wrote some tunes and got out there and played them. Once you get yourself into that cycle of learning, writing and gigging the rest kind of takes care of itself. I like to think that’s what people mean when they refer to “the circuit” Like being in that repetitive cycle of creativity just gathering momentum. I mean, I know that’s not what what people mean but that metaphor makes more sense to me haha.

I think It’s like anything. If you love doing something you will, like that’s the drive. I actually reckon I’ve got a fairly lazy approach to it all really, I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly self-motivated person at all, if you keep at it you discover so much and meet so many great people that’s all the motivation you need. I’m here now so Lets just see where it goes. My plan is just not to go away haha



 Who’s your favourite artist and why?

Ahh man it’s too hard to narrow it down to one artist. I always say the three bands that first inspired me to make music were Oasis, Nirvana and the Sex Pistols. The simplicity of what they did combined with their attitude made it seem possible. Like, they proved to me that honesty trumps talent any day. I suppose John Lydon is a good bloke to have as your favourite artist cause he’s an absolute nutcase mate.



Which icon could you compare yourself to?

It’s for other people to do the comparisons. I often get told I remind people of Neil Young. Someone told me I was like Henry Rollins the other day! Christ knows what they were on. But no I personally find it hard to compare myself to others, although your influences do rub off on you.



How does it feel to perform in front of an audience?

It depends on the audience! The best gigs are the ones where you get something back, like I’d rather play to a room of 4 people that are loving it than one of 300 that aren’t paying attention at all. It doesn’t effect my performance that much any more though. Obviously its more fulfilling if you play to people that are clearly enjoying themselves. Playing in a pub full of drunks can be fun too haha. You’ve just gotta give it everything you’ve got no matter what the situation, it’s all over before you know it anyway, time goes by at a different speed when your on stage.


You have an album out! that’s amazing! what gave you the inspiration for Long time coming
its a beautiful song? any special ladies?

No not at the time. It was one of those songs that just wrote its self. It’s by far the oldest song on the album I wrote it a couple of years back and I remember it being one of the first songs I wrote where I actually thought to myself “wow this is an actual song maybe I can do this” you know? and I knew that although the lyrics didn’t particularly mean anything to me, to a lot of people they probably would mean quite a lot. It just is what it is. It’s probably partly inspired by some of the more soulful singer/songwriter stuff I was listening to at the time like Bill Withers. It didn’t take long to write at all, I dunno where it came from man, my brains weird.


Do you have a favourite song on the album?

Conversations In The Local is a good one. It’s a really unique song, it’s almost punk. It’s basically about being in the pub talking rubbish. It always gets a reaction. It’s fast, catchy and different, and the lead guitar is inspired by Folsom Prison Blues. Listen to it now! He Below Me has got a really nice groove to it too.



What are your plans for 2016?

I’m gonna be releasing a live EP of three of my favourite tracks off Long Time Coming so look out for that. I’m also planning to get back in the studio very soon to record another EP. I’ve been writing a lot and have loads of ideas wizzing around me head so I’m really looking forward to getting it all down on record, so that’s my main aim for 2016, although it might not be released until next year. The summers looking like it’s gonna be busy but my lips are sealed! You can keep up to date with my musical endeavours by following me on twitter @MattTubey