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Idea13 Interview With Jordan Gray – Tall Dark Friend

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Tell us about Tall Dark Friend?
“Tall Dark Friend is a play on the old folk tales of gypsy fortune tellers, picture a cloaked hag hovering over a crystal ball, telling you that “you will meet a tall dark stranger”. The name also arose in time where ‘band-sounding’ names for solo artist was quite trendy a.k.a ‘Get Cape Wear Cape Fly’. I’ve been a full time independent solo recording artist for 10 years. 7 albums later, 5 official videos and a beautiful bunch of fans later, I really don’t feel like slowing down.”


Whats it like being in a band after a solo career of ten years? 
“Having spent 10 years solo, it’s nice to feel a part of a group. All of us pushing in the same direction. It’s comforting. And they’re loyal as hell. I love them.”


What or who has inspired you to get into the music industry?
“Michael Jackson undoubtedly inspired me to want to take over the world and define a decade with my music. Or maybe 2, or 3.”


Has it always been a passion of yours?
“There has never been any other option for me. I do what I do for no other reason than ‘that’s what I do’. I love it, I adore music, but really it’s more than passion. Its a sense of duty and purpose.”


Who is your favourite artist and why?
“Jeff Buckley. ‘Grace’ is one of the most incredible albums in modern music. Not enough people know about Jeff. Those that do can’t speak highly enough of him.”


What is your favourite music piece?
“Jeff Buckley’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ – close 2nd is Charlie Parker’s rendition of ‘A Night in Tunisia’”


Are there any upcoming projects for the future?
“This year is already full of musical adventures. The Voice is ongoing, we have a lot of projects and labels sitting in wings, my Spoken Word material is taking off and I’m penning and 3rd and 4th novel simultaneously.”


Where do you see Tall Dark Friend in the future?
“I’d like to be one of those artists that affects positive change in culture. I’d like to hope that Tall Dark Friend will be spoken of fondly in many different circles.”